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That's What She Shed

For years I dreamed about having a She Shed. I even had a Pinterest board for it so you know it was official. I pictured it in my head for so long that I knew exactly how I wanted it to look.

When I purchased my house I wasn’t thinking about a shed. Then somewhere in the last year, I realized, hello! There was a perfect spot in the backyard for it. I only had to remove two planter boxes. There was already a path even! I looked at getting a premade shed from Home Depot or designing one from Tuff Shed. I customized like 100 on the website but they were all over $9k and I just didn’t want to spend that much. My friend gave me her contact info for her contractor and I sent him over a plan of what I wanted (aka a Tuff Shed design) and his quote was like $4k less. Bless.

I built it on a wood frame because the concrete availability was further away and I'm impatient. So I went out there and tried to level it myself with 50lb concrete blocks and, let me tell you- what. a. joke. It was about as level as a mountain. The contractor was coming the next day and my trusty Dad was out of town so I was SOL. I didn't even warn him it wasn't done because I still wanted him to show up... is that bad?!

Luckily when he saw it (after he laughed at my pathetic attempt) he said it wasn't an issue and quickly leveled it. He and his helper got the shed up in a few days and then the fun part- my Dad and I did the shelving. Well, mostly my Dad. I just helped with a few cuts and the drill. That took almost 5 days! He had never done anything like my vision so there was a bit of a learning curve. The night we finished the shelves we also painted everything just to be done with it. We literally painted while it was dark out. That was comical. There isn't electricity in the shed and I couldn't find any flashlights. I was holding my iPhone light while he was spraying, looking for any missing spots. I'm happy to report there actually weren't very many, shockingly! Also, that plywood absorbs SO MUCH paint. We had 3 gallons of primer and 4 gallons of paint for a little 10' x 12' space. And I still need to paint the floor!

Once it was done, I was beyond eager to put everything on the shelves. Barely even waited for the paint to dry. I finally realized how many floral supplies I actually have! I thought it would clear more space in my garage but it still holds all my floral foam and foam cages. And flower cooler of course. Because that huge thing is never getting moved again lol.

I made a few trips to The Container Store and Home Goods for all the clear bins, baskets, and mirror. I had bought the Fresh Cut Flowers sign at the Sacramento Antique Fair thinking it actually was a unique antique... until I started seeing them pop up everywhere and realized... nope, not original and definitely not an antique!

I won't technically work inside the She Shed, other than an occasional consultation call. I mostly just wanted cute storage. Is that weird?! Probably. But it's the closest to a brick and mortar that I will get. I also didn't want to deal with pulling permits so I kept it 10' by 12'. Which is a decent size but not for more than 2 people. I could eventually have clients pick out their vessels in person or do final consultations in here, but for now, it's just for me! Hope you enjoy and if you have any more detail questions, feel free to ask!

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Jun 26

What a great she shed!! As a <a href="">Sacramento Interior Designer</a> I can appreciate all the great stuff you have collected and you have it displayed beautifully!

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