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Christmas Cheer

This is a tad out of my 'flower post' lane but I just love to give gifts so figured I'd share some with y'all. I really, really try to give family and friends unique Christmas gifts but sometimes, I just run out of dang time. Anyone else feel me? In the past I’ve written notes in my phone when I think of things for certain individuals but even that has slipped! So, below are cool things I discovered so you can get some different ideas. And as a bonus, most of them are on Amazon so it's suuuper convenient. Warning- family and friends, do not read!

(Also, this probably goes without saying since it's just little ol' me but obviously none of these are sponsored and it's definitely not an ad, just things I like! You know the drill but just in case, click on photos for links.)

World Vision Gift Catalog

Pretty obsessed with gifts that give back and empower others to create lasting change. Give a gift, change a life, what more could one ask for this Christmas?! Great for those that have everything, those who like to make a difference, anyone who breathes air, etc.

Stasher bag

I got one of these in my goodie bag at a home organization summit and I was instantly in love. I've had other reusable Ziploc-type bags that I used once and then they were a pain so they're in the junk drawer now. But these guys are cute, feel cool, and you can microwave them, and even cook in them! Great for your hippie friends or granola sister or environmentally friendly fiance ;)

Lululemon Knock-Offs

I used to be a Lululemon snob and then I was like, why don’t I just try something else?! Well, I did and I’m in love and will never spend $100 on leggings again. RIP to my Lulu Align, I still love you, but I found a cheaper substitute so ta ta for now! I got these in camo and have worn them three days straight. Gross, maybe, but I. don't. care. All the cool influencers talk about them and I hate to admit but they’re right. The quality is insane, they're soft as heck, and I’m pretty sure they’re made in the same factory as Lulu (but don’t quote me…).


I have a lot of whiskey drinking friends and have bought them whiskey rocks (they knock your teeth) and cheap molds (cloudy ice). But these are awesome. They make clear spheres that melt slowly so your drink doesn't dilute. And you can put things like mint or fruit inside the ice! They are fun even if you don’t have a refined whiskey palate (cough *me* cough) As a bonus, you can use the container for drinks!

Wyze Cameras

A friend told me about this, so I bought one and am OBSESSED. It’s like a Ring but cheaper and cooler. It’s so easy that me, a tech un-savvy person can set it up in minutes. It alerts you if people walk by and even if your smoke alarm goes off. It has sound. You can talk through it. You can spy. It’s amazing and I love that I can see what is going on at my house whenever I’m not there.

Anthropologie Look-Alike Dress

I literally own FOUR of these. I bought one and then had to have all the other patterns. Okay maybe not allll because there’s like 20 but you know what I mean. It is flattering, it looks like it’s from Anthropologie, it is comfortable. I get asked about this at least three times every time I wear it. Buy for your sister, girlfriend, friend, mom, and don’t forget about yourself!

Mo Willems Books

Kids looove these books. They’re funny, eye-catching, and short. I love me a quick, fun to read kids book and a few of these I have memorized. I'm partial to the Pigeon series but Mo Willems also has Elephant and Piggie books and Knuffle Bunny.

Roar wine

Because who doesn’t love a great bottle of wine? Our family friends own this winery located in Santa Lucia Highlands in Monterey County and they have done a great job winning awards left and right! Another perk is you can you can purchase this wine locally at Selland’s or online.


Give the gift of stock! I have recently become intrigued in the stock market and a friend told me about this cool gift. You chose the stock or the recipient can choose. Great idea to teach kids about owning a piece of their favorite restaurant or hello... Disney!


Some of you may have heard about this awesome company that does unique gift boxes in different themes but did you know you can purchase them at Nordstrom's?! That means you avoid s&h and can accumulate Nordstrom points! At you can design your own or pick from a wider variety but Nordstrom's has a bridesmaid one (linked above) perfect for asking your bff's to be in your wedding ;)


Growing up we looooved our Playmobil. Playmobil is a German company and the toys LAST. Growing up we had cowboy Playmobil's (or actually it was just my brother and us girls stole them) but now there are space, dinosaur, history, knights, pirates, princess, you name it.

Favorite places for unique, or quirky gifts in Sacramento-area

Gather in Granite Bay, Strapping in Oak Park, The Container Store in Sacramento, Anthropologie in Roseville, Ambiance in Placerville.


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