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The Art of Floral Storytelling

As a creative, I thoughtfully curate a vision tailored to each couple. I pride myself on the versatility of my work and my ability to transform an idea into a physical product which then evokes a feeling. I work to not only adorn a wedding day with beauty but to also tell the couple’s story. A feeling that will surely outlive the flowers. Yes, undoubtedly, my understanding of florals, foliage and hand-crafting techniques is important, but even more crucial is my grasp of my role in the couple’s experience of their day. Floral conceptualization and design is an underrated component of the day and captures the very essence of the two lives uniting as one.

For Kylie and Anthony, that feeling was modern romance. They were a dream couple to work with. Kylie came prepared with inspiration photos and I was confident I could create something exceptional to capture her vision. Who doesn’t love a bride who knows what she wants? They were organized and took the guesswork out of what they were envisioning while giving me room for creative freedom.

Kylie and Anthony met and started their journey while working for Raley’s headquarters. To add kismet to their day, their journey came full circle by promising forever at The Maples, a breathtaking venue often used for Raley’s events #itraleyhappened.

Their mid-summer afternoon was complete with shades of white and blush florals, soft silver dollar eucalyptus and eye-catching anemones. Handmade wood lanterns, made by Kylie’s father, lined the aisle as the bride walked to meet her groom under the awe-inspiring oak tree. Time stood still.

Kylie and Anthony, I am so grateful you entrusted me to be part of your day and I wish you a lifetime of joy in full bloom.

Photography: Kylie Compton

Catering: Anderson Family

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