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Clear Eyes, Full Belly, Can't Lose

Wait, that isn't how the saying goes?!

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to join the Sacramento Valley Flower Collective at Fully Belly Farms in Guinda. Many of you may be asking where exactly is that? Is that still in California? Basically, it is wayyy out in the boondocks, far, far from a Target store (yes, that is how I judge how "country" a town is) but yes, still in California! I got the chance to finally meet growers and fellow florists who's Instagram accounts I had to act like I did not stalk :)

In the immediate future (starting with my Easter wedding), I hope to source a lot of my flowers locally and it was so great to meet the friendly faces behind these farms. Buying local is important because it means the flowers are incredibly fresh and there are many outlets to find exactly what is needed for a wedding or event. Also, many of them are organic farmers!

Dru and Hannah showed us around their farm and ohmygosh it was a florist's Disneyland! SO. MANY. FLOWERS. They even have a room exclusively for wreaths! Just imagine! My little hoarder's heart was in heaven. Also at the farm is a gorgeous outdoor seating area and a commercial kitchen where they host farm to fork dinners and other events. I can't wait to go back for a pizza night!

I learned so much talking with everyone and I love that we are all working together to promote the "flower scene" in the greater Sacramento area. Everyone has so much to bring to the table and I cannot wait to see how much I flourish as a florist being part of this group!

*puns intended

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