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Celebrating Women

We were honored to be part of an International Women’s Day celebration at West Elm at the Fountains in Roseville. There were treats, discounts, and a variety of local makers, including jewelry, hand-lettering artists, and a watercolor artist. Since I just returned from Hawaii, I did a tropical-themed flower bar complete with proteas, safari sunsets, burgundy sunset leucadendron, palms, bear grass, and spider mums. Everyone loved the proteas as I had imagined they would from my experience at the Valentine's Day pop-up's.

Originally I wanted to simply do bunches of proteas and eucalyptus but then with the crazy weather going on, the prices for them were nearly $5 a stem! That would have been an expensive bouquet! So I settled for a variety of tropical flowers. The great thing about proteas are they are unique, they are hearty and long-lasting. They look as great on their own as they do in a mixed bouquet. There are many different varieties and lately, I have become so obsessed that I ordered some bulbs to try to grow my own… stay tuned!

A huge THANK YOU to West Elm for hosting yet another wonderful event. I am so thankful to be amongst the great group of women they asked to represent women in business. The other ladies were so lovely, encouraging, and sweet that we all wandered around talking and admiring each other’s craft. Last but not least, I had some great customers and even met a fellow florist and we even did breakfast today! I am just obsessed with this industry!

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