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New Year, Improved Bella Nozze!

December 2017 was a whirlwind! There was a wedding, a wreath workshop, a Good Day Sacramento appearance, Christmas, and New Years Eve! Speaking of wind... that wreath workshop was OUTSIDE on the WINDIEST day ever in Sacramento. Beatnik Studios hosted the event and it would have been perfect, minus that dang wind! Did you know studies have proven children are more irritable on windy days?

Well, so are adults. Or maybe it's just me...

I even helped build that awesome pallet wall and it was so rude as to be so windy that it fell over before the event even began! Oy vey. Shout out to my mom and sister who assisted me that day. You both are saints!

Anyways. Thinking I would get a chance to rest in January was a cute thought while it lasted. 2018 started out in full force, with the first event, a bridal shower, on the first weekend in January. After I delivered the flowers to Roseville, I went over to check out Wolf Heights Event Center and meet the lovely Patricia, who manages it. Wolf Heights surpassed my expectations from the moment I drove onto the property. One of my favorite things about it was the unity circle pavilion ceremony site. It. Is. Gorgeous. You must see it. Patricia has bigger plans for Wolfe Heights and I cannot wait to see it all come into fruition. 

I'm doing flowers for a couple of their bridal show displays and will also be at their open house on January 20th. Email us at if you would like more information on the open house! I am truly excited and flattered to be one of their preferred vendors!

Back to new year, improved Bella Nozze. I am a firm believer in goals and setting a vision for your year. Last year was a HUGE year for me. I started Bella Nozze, actually did weddings for people I didn't know (as opposed to family and friends), met amazing clients and vendors, and learned A TON!

This year I have new goals but the vision remains the same- to provide gorgeous florals to make your wedding or event as beautiful as it can possibly be! What about you? Have you stopped to create some goals for 2018? You can help design your future so get out there and do it!

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