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Pumpkin Spice Everything!

When I was in Monterey a few weekends ago, my friend Grace was like, "hey, you should do an arrangement in a pumpkin!"

Ummm, since when did my BFF become a genius?!

So this weekend I decided was the perfect time to since I was actually free (kind of) for most of the day on Friday and since October officially begins! I stopped and picked up a pumpkin after hitting up the flower market.

Side note: I grabbed a box of pumpkin spice cookies since I start Whole30 in October and in two days almost finished the whole box. That's normal right??

Items Needed

-medium sized pumpkin (something you can fit your hand to remove seeds)

-fall flowers, I used sunflowers and leucospermum (pick some out at your local Whole Foods or Trader Joe's)

-greenery (eucalyptus works great, or anything you can forage)


-floral foam (can find at Michael's or another craft store)

Step 1

Pick out the perfect pumpkin. Got it? Good, you're ready for...

Step 2

Get in that belly! I don't cut the stem off in a circular fashion because I wasn't blessed with that kind of talent. I cut it in a hexagon-ish shape because it's so dang easy! Scrape the seeds out once you've opened it.

Step 3

Soak floral foam in water until it turns dark green. Set it on top of pumpkin hole vertically so you can visually see how much to shave off it. Cut off just enough so it fits in pumpkin snugly, but is still sticking out of the top about an inch. 

Step 4

Here is the fun part- adding the flowers! Start with a filler to line the bottom of the floral foam. Go all the way around the base of the floral foam.

Step 5

Add the main flowers in. And then fill in with the, you guessed it, fillers!

Step 6

Place it on your porch or dining table. Enjoy!

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