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Cactus Man

So, naturally I talk about flowers, succulents, and cacti a lot. Way too much actually. So much so that a brand-new friend said he knew the president of the some local cactus club and I freaked out and said I must meet him. (New friend may not still be friends with me by the time I finish this blog, stay tuned.)

I harassed new friend for about a week asking when I could meet Cactus Man. It should also be noted that cactus man began referring to me as Cactus Girl. Can you say match made in heaven?!

FINALLY new friend brings my to cactus man's house.

I died.

Norm, aka Cactus Man, has the most amazing collection of cacti and succulents I will see in my whole life. The front yard is filled with countless varieties but then you get to the backyard and oh my worddd! The backyard and side yards were filled with EVEN. MORE. OF. THEM!

I was so amazed that I couldn't even formulate all the millions of questions running through my head. And that brings me to another thing: running. Did I mention Norm is 80 and ran 9 miles before I met up with him? And did I mention that I hadn't ran my measly 3 miles that day and was ALREADY dreading it?? Here's a secret about Cactus Man... he is also Running Man. As in ULTRA MARATHON RUNNING MAN. And! His wife Helen? EVEN MORE SO! So much so that 20/20 did a documentary on her! I watched it right after writing this and now I'm not even impressed by Norm (sorry Norm) because I am so impressed by her! She is 15 years his senior (robbin' that cradle Norm!) and is more of a badass than I would ever dream to become! I just signed up to run my third marathon, the California International Marathon, and here I thought I was killin' it. Oh no. Noooooo. Not. Even. Close. iamajoke.

Helen and Norm are slaying that running game. I cannot even begin to tell you how many awards and plaques and medals and badges and certificates and trophies they have. Enough to literally fill every inch of their living room's walls. They beyond inspirational and I am SO THANKFUL to have met Norm. Sadly, Helen is 95 and not in good health so I did not get to meet her, but I hope I can spend more time at that house with either one of them. It was such a blessing to be around such an epic soul!

This was also a good reminder to listen to people because you never know where they come from, or what they have come from, and the knowledge, stories, and life lessons you may learn :)

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