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Plant Parenthood

I have no kids.

I have no animals.

I have plants.

I am a plarent.

And proud of it.

I don't know where my love of these weird little green things came from but I just can't stand it. They are so cute I could cry. Don't worry, I won't. I cry over much more important things, such as double rainbows... but that's another story.

Anyways. During the great Storm of the Century in January, my poor little babies were stuck outside. I was stuck in Bali (life is hard, I know) and I had NO idea the weather was going to take such a turn while I was gone. I arrived home to them half dead and immediately brought them inside and cursed myself for being such a cruel plarent.

Luckily, succulents are such great, adaptable children that once I put them inside next to a window, they started to come back to life. Before the Storm of the Century, I used to baby them a lot with regular watering, bringing them outside during the day, and inside at night.... ridiculous I know. But after they survived that, I figured, eh, these things are teenagers now so I can leave them on their own a bit more.

Succulent tips:

1. Water thoroughly and then don't water until the soil is dry again. For my little guys, this is about a week.

2. If their leaves start to turn white, you are watering too much. Stop the madness.

3. They need a lot of sun... but not too much! They actually can sunburn! I realized this the hard way since I thought they would like my backyard because it's really sunny in the afternoon but they hated it. I moved them to my front porch which is bright in the morning and then it's brightly shaded in the afternoon. They started to sprout much faster and they loved it!

Also, and this is the obvious bonus of these little things, but succulents make great party favors and place settings and look GORGEOUS in bouquets! So, anytime I get to use them in floral design is a great day!

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