ALYSA DEMETRE developed a passion for events from the young age of nine when she organized a neighborhood Easter egg hunt. That was followed by a Fourth of July bike parade a few months later (she even has the clip-art flyer to prove it). Her parents owned a flower shop for the first 18 years of her life and assisting with events was her favorite thing. Since then, she interned at a university and radio station doing events, worked for an event designer in Monterey, and freelanced for some of the best floral designers out there, including Kate Holt of Flowerwild. Now residing in beautiful Sacramento, Alysa decided to once again follow her heart and passion in event design through florals. When she is not busy flowering your dream event, you can find her redecorating her house, going to the gym, or jotting down ideas on her iPhone.


Random Facts:

  • Fourth of July is Alysa's favorite holiday and red, white, and blue are her favorite colors... don't worry she won't try to pressure you into using them as your wedding colors, although she might suggest it...

  • Lake Tahoe (North or South) is her absolute favorite local escape

  • Make her macaroni and cheese and you'll have a new best friend

  • She's addicted to CrossFit, please don't ask about it though, we're sick of hearing it

  • She may or may not have added live goldfish to centerpieces once upon a time

  • She was the bachelorette on a Good Day Sacramento Dating Show segment... and is still single

  • Alysa's obsessed with taking pictures and she apologizes in advance for asking you to take a selfie with her


As a college student, GREG DEMETRE managed his father's flower stand in Carmel, California before opening his own flower shop. His shop was voted the "Best of" and had floral design accounts with numerous agriculture companies, restaurants, and local hospitals. Greg trained countless floral designers in the trade, including his daughter Alysa. Greg operated the shop for 18 successful years before he moved back to his hometown of Sacramento. New friends quickly discovered Greg's talent and requested him to do flowers for their children's weddings. Seems he couldn't quite escape the industry! He recruited Alysa to help and she decided to run with it! 


Random Facts:

  • Once had 5 weddings to do on the same day... and managed not to screw a single one of them up. If that's not talent, we don't know what is!

  • Greg can fall asleep anywhere, at any time, in less than 10 seconds ... we've counted

  • Greg is also a human garbage disposal, he will eat anything and everything and is known for getting third and fourth servings AND finishing everyone's leftovers

  • Before he was married, spent a year building a house in Carmel with a friend. He's pretty handy so we keep him around.

  • Has had the worst case of poison oak doctors have ever seen. Twice.

  • Used to sail in the frigid waters of Monterey Bay without a wet-suit, in lightning storms 

  • Has also owned a jewelry store, tire shop, sod and hydroseed business- random, we know


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