ALYSA DEMETRE is a third-generation florist from Monterey County. Her father worked at his parent’s flower shop when he was in college and Alysa worked at her parent’s flower shop when she was in high school. Assisting with wedding flower set-up was her absolute favorite thing. There is nothing like the excitement on a wedding day! All the vendors scurry around to do their part and then the florist comes to place the flowers, just like icing on a blank cake. As someone who loves a good ‘before and after’, the wedding day is the ultimate transformation!

Since then, Alysa interned at a university and radio station doing events, worked for an event designer in Monterey, and freelanced for some of the best floral designers out there, including Kate Holt of Flowerwild. Now residing in beautiful Sacramento, Alysa decided to once again follow her passion in event design through florals. When she is not flowering your dream wedding or event, you can find her redecorating her house, at the gym, or at a cute restaurant's happy hour.

Random Facts:

  • Fourth of July is Alysa's favorite holiday and red, white, and blue are her favorite colors... she even has an Instagram account for it- @unitedstatesofalysa

  • Lake Tahoe (North or South) is her absolute favorite local escape

  • Make her macaroni and cheese and you'll have a new best friend

  • She may or may not have added live goldfish to centerpieces once upon a time

  • She was the bachelorette on a Good Day Sacramento Dating Show segment... yet is still single

  • Alysa loves to travel. Favorite countries she has visited so far are Bali and Kenya


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